Karlene R.

Karlene R.

£33.33 per hour

I am an examiner, a lecturer, a teacher and a doctorate researcher.

I teach KS1 to postgraduate level, adults, business professionals and home-school students. My lessons take place online.

I am passionate about coming alongside and encouraging students. I love inspiring students and helping them to gain more confidence in their learning. I am also a patient, diligent, empathetic and organised educator.

I consistently seek to equip every student with the knowledge and materials to excel in a safe, professional, dynamic, technology-enhanced and thus enjoyable learning environment.

I would consider it more than a privilege to assist you with your learning!

As an educator and an exam specialist I have:

Helped students gain awards for excellent achievement and progress Focused on enhancing and developing the academic, cognitive, visual, kinaesthetic, audio and behavioural skills of students Taught special needs students * Formulated new lesson plans, reports, assessment plans, and tests * Adapted curriculum criteria to suit student needs * Created successful innovative sections of the specific set-curriculum to suit students' needs * Assessed and recorded student daily, weekly and monthly progress * Created songs and lively gestures to advance student learning and comprehension * Developed a suitable differentiated educational program and structure Helped to advance student academic, physical, and verbal levels * Planned and led frequent parent-teacher liaison meetings to discuss and evaluate student progress * Prepared student school performances * Diligently researched and implemented effective ways to advance student learning and social skills *Trained and interviewed exceptional academics


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