Safwan R.

Safwan R.

£10 per hour

I am currently a student myself – a Medical Student. I have a keen interest in sciences & mathematics having studied it at A Level. I have a keen interest in sciences & Mathematics and had the desire to teach these subjects to others, thus completing my PgCE which allows me to work with 16+.

I am free all evenings, and weekends for online tuition. Engaging a student into the subject is my main priority and bulding on their understanding! Allowing them to delve into the subject, and enjoy what they’re learning, this way they will achieve better understanding and memory of the topic!

My teaching method is to work with resources such as flash cards, problem solving, quizzes etc. This helps them first grasps the basics and itentifies any areas of weakness to me. I like to develop a report with my learner, so I can teach and understand their favoured teaching style. I am an adaptable person and will cater to the specific tutoring needs of each individual learner. Some learn better with passages of texts to focus on, some prefer to answer questions, where as some may like to just sit and have one to one discussion for instance.

I can teach key stage 1 & 2 in both English and Maths. I hold GCSE's in both subjects with an achievement of a Grade 8 in both. I can work through the required curriculum and work to their needs with the necessary worksheets sent for the child to work alone or with parents - this can be discussed on our first lesson.I fully understand the new GCSE 9-1 system as I have personally gone through and tutored the first two years of it in place. But the main thing I like to incorporate into my lesson is FUN. A child who is having fun, wants to engage and this results in them learning!

First tutor session will consist of a brief introduction and an introduction into what the learner wants to learn – for instance, if teaching Mathematics, they may want to work with the trigernometry module. I will end each lesson with a quiz of the topics taught, some revision/homework set for the next lessons. Follow sessions will begin with a recap, so we are constantly refreshing memory.

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