Samar K.

Samar K.

£33 per hour

Most recently I was employed to deliver science lesson plans to a group of year 7 and 8 students of mixed ability from minority backgrounds. I instructed groups of 15 students and learnt a huge amount of techniques to garner respect and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning. I made an effort to incorporate interesting subject matter that connected obscure scientific topics to the world around them and gave them a taste of the activities and concepts encountered at graduate level studies. I left this job because I moved from Bristol to London.

I have privately tutored several pupils (upwards of 300 hours) in my primary subjects of Physics and Maths as well as 11+. Furthermore, I have given guidance with academic confidence, writing skills and exam technique.

As part of my degree, I mentored a group of five fifteen year old children from Pakistan. Over the course of 6 weeks we developed comfortable bonds and were able to discuss Schrodingers cat as well as special relativity, accessed through a brief history of our conception of space. I was awarded the highest mark in the group for my efforts. The powerful dynamics of small groups brought to light the dangers of large class sizes where students are easily made to feel like unworthy contributors.

SELF-DESCRIPTION: I am a Physics and Philosophy graduate that is committed to well-informed, creative and self-generated ways of thought.

Everyone’s mind works in different ways and I strongly encourage my pupils to explore how they learn.

Having open and relaxed conversations where knowledge can be seen from different perspectives is extremely important to analytical subjects such as Physics, Maths and Philosophy.

My degree is unique because it taught me how different subjects are related.

This means I am able to understand and teach concepts in a deeper way that connects content that look separate but are built from the same concepts!

These tips, tricks and creative methods are what school teachers don’t have time to share, so I fill every hour with alternative methods.

By spending lots of time with professional academics as well as tutees, I have developed a collaborative way of creating and exploring ideas which I use in every session.

Throughout my degree I have been offering private tutoring with huge satisfaction and success in all of my pupils and have teaching experience which I have elaborated above.


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