Sharry T.

Sharry T.

£20 per hour

I have been a teacher for more than 10 years mainly in TEFL but also IELTS/EAP and supply teaching GCSE Maths and Chemistry. I love running and listening to good tunes from the eighties and keep fit with Pilates. I have travelled to many countries because of my work and also because my friends and family are spread out in Malaysia, America and of course in the U.K and many more countries around the world. I grew up in the Cambridgeshire and have been blessed with many opportunities to travel and understand different cultures and languages as I grew up.

My last job was a pre sessional post at the University of East Anglia, working with 37 students from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and mainland China. Equipping them with academic skills ready for the start of their Bachelors, Masters, PhD courses starting this September. I was able to learn so much from this job and also refresh myself with the present day definition of academic skills. I took on board teaching apps such as Padlet and blackboard to communicate and collect work from students. I gained an invaluable amount of experience and knowledge as well as a new group of friends and acquaintances.

Previous to that I was working as a supply teacher working at a pupil referral unit teaching GCSE Maths and Chemistry. Then before that I was working at a prestigious modern high school in Yancheng, China. I was hired as a IELTS /EAP Tutor for second year IELTS high school students aged between 17-18. I helped them improve their IELTS band to 6-8 so they could start ‘A’Level courses at Oldham Hulme grammar school in Manchester. Part of my job was to also introduce them to the English education system using projects, debates, role plays and IELTS exercises to build their confidence and empower them to express themselves.

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