Sylvia  B.

Sylvia B.

£35 per hour

Online Science Tutor with Qualified Teacher Status.

Does your child STRUGGLE with science and need to PASS their science GCSEs?

Maybe they're predicted a STANDARD pass and need to move up a few grades so they can do the further education courses of their choice?

Or maybe they’re currently working at a grade 5/6 and need an extra confidence boost to ensure they achieve their predicted grade or higher.

Maybe your child is a KS3 student and recognises that the foundation to passing GCSE science starts NOW!

Hi, I’m Sylvia. I am a Qualified Science Teacher (Biology & Chemistry specialist), with over 6 years classroom teaching and tutoring experience. My goal is simple - to help students improve their grades and pass their GCSE & IGCSE science exams.

My tutoring sessions are built largely around student’s weaknesses. By using everyday examples to explain key concepts to children, I help students build their confidence and increase their love and understanding for the subject. I also work through workbooks and past exam questions to consolidate learning and help the child identify how they can improve their marks in exams.

I now increasingly work as an online science tutor. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how I can help you.


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