Stepan S.

Stepan S.

£30 per hour

I graduated with a First from UCL in 2014. I have been a full-time tutor since, teaching a range of students with different abilities and needs, including explicit Special Educational Needs and Disability. I have worked for five years in a specialist interim school for students not in mainstream education. I also do online tuition outside of this.

I have achieved academic excellence for myself and hope to help others achieve their best too.

From my time tutoring I have identified two primary obstacles to pupils fulfilling their potential. A lack of confidence and teaching not tailored to the preferred learning style of the pupil. These two obstacles are best overcome if tackled simultaneously. By identifying my pupil's learning style and strengths I hope to demonstrate to my pupils their unique potential and capitalise on it. On numerous occasions my tutees have actually exceeded their initial expectations of their progress.

My most successful strategy with pupils has been to maintain a shifting focus and lesson structure depending on what conclusions I draw from regular assessment of my pupil. As an aspiring artist I value creativity and implement it in my teaching - I am always trying out new methods if current ones are not bringing the best possible results.

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