Steph W.

Steph W.

£20 per hour

Hi there! I am studying Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at Newcastle University. I am friendly and outgoing and so passionate about learning that I wish to share that with others.

I teach both GCSE and A-Level Spanish. I have recently taken these exams and therefore am very clued in on exam technique. Especially as exams have changed in the past few years, I have an extensive knowledge of the new requirements. I also teach GCSE Geography and an teach OCR A-Level Geography as well. Although I no longer study Geography, I have studied it all the way to A-Level and plan to continue Geography as part of my degree in the coming years.

I have had various experience in teaching. I have had work experience teaching high school children Spanish and therefore learnt different techniques to teach this age group best. Furthermore, through a peer mentoring scheme during my final year at Sixth Form, I was paired with a Year 12 student and we had weekly meetings to improve speaking and generally help improve their grasp on the language. This shows I have one-to-one experience that I believe has been very successful. Although I have little experience teaching Geography, other than being a peer mentor as well, I am confident that my 7 years of being taught Geography has allowed me to develop knowledge of how best to teach. I am confident and independent which I believe are great qualities to have in a tutor. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and love for these subjects with my tutees!



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