Tara Theodora F.

Tara Theodora F.

£50 per hour

I am a Qualified Science Teacher. I graduated through the very selective TeachFirst programme. I taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics to GCSE and A Level students.

I taught in a state school in North London to students with varied abilities, different learning styles and learning difficulties. Therefore I had to learn to adapt my teaching methods to suit the diverse range of abilities in classes of up to 32 students.

I am very confident and an excellent public speaker. I am resilient, focused, extremely ambitious and motivated. I come from a very academic background and love to learn; through conversation, blogging and reading (at least one book per week). After TeachFirst I sat the UKCAT, achieved an excellent result and got a place to study medicine at Barts and the London. However I decided to go in another direction and set up my own company with my brother. I then briefly delved into analytics and data work. In January I am starting a new challenge, helping to establish a new and very exciting company in the medical field. I will be working remotely and choosing my hours so am able to be very flexible. I love both watching and playing sports and I have a wide social circle with whom I like to spend my free time.

I love to help children find their passions and motivate them to achieve their potential. I do this through fun, engaging yet challenging activities. The brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised, therefore I like to stretch my students and encourage them to develop their own independence through autonomous learning. I believe structured learning and repetition are key to academic success.

I have been a private tutor for 6 years teaching the Sciences, Maths, Mindfulness, Primary, Exam entrance, English, Extended writing and UKCAT/University prep. I gain a huge amount of satisfaction from this role, particularly through seeing my students progress in results and confidence. I am extremely experienced and will endeavour to do my very best to support and enthuse your child.

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