Chris M.

Chris M.

£22 per hour

Hello, I'm Chris, a 2nd year PhD student in Biology at the University of Sussex. I really like passing on my extensive knowledge to other keen students on subjects within biology, such as plant/insect interactions as well as more general topics like ecology and evolution.

Your tutoring options from me: I am qualified to teach a wide range of biological subjects (please see specialisms) through my many years working as a university tutor (a lecturer's assistant), a note-taker and a tutor on tutor hub for many different topics. If you are studying any modules at university level in a course titled biology, zoology or ecology, then I am definitely the right tutor for you! I also have experience proof reading essays and lab reports for people in all scientific disciplines, and I am happy to give any advice to people seeking a career in academia. My hours are flexible so please let me know what times would suit you, and I should be able to accommodate most needs.

A short history of me: Bachelor's Degree in Zoology from Newcastle University (2014), MSc in Entomology (with Distinction, 2015), Crop Science Internships at University of Nottingham and Rothamsted Research (2016), PhD in Evolutionary Ecology of Plants (2017-2021) at University of Sussex (ranked 9th in the UK for Biosciences and 20th overall).

More about my work: In my doctorate I am lucky enough to be able to travel the world looking for signs in plants of recent evolution that has occurred, where a plant species invading an area is visited by different pollinator species to the old area. I detect this 'local adaptation' by measuring flowers of plants in their native range and comparing it with measures from the plant's new range. I find this rewarding, but my real passion lies in teaching and tutoring, so please hit me up!


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