David C.

David C.

£18 per hour

I am a 3rd year degree student and have a Dip HE in Natural Science. I work in a secondary school as a laboratory technician and regularly help out with GCSE and A level lessons so have a good understanding of what is required to get good marks in today's exams.

I am an apprentice trained engineer with a military background and also a level 2 sports coach. I moved into science because of my love for it and I have a hunger for knowledge and understanding for the subject. My specialist areas are geology and planetary science including oceanography. This requires a broad range and comprehensive understanding of all three of the main sciences but I would admit physics is my strongest.

If you like a lighthearted jovial approach to learning then look no further, It is well known that if your enjoying something you'll get more out of it and learning is no different.

I'm happy to announce that my own son has just passed all his GCSE's with B being his lowest grade. Well done son.


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