Tim E.

Tim E.

£30 per hour

I have over 6 years experience teaching and tutoring A level & undergraduate maths and stats (including international students at the University of Sheffield and Queen's University) and teacher training courses for maths teachers. In addition, I have led UG maths tutorials for students of Maths, Engineering and Computer Science.

My approach to tutoring is a student-led method responding to each individual's needs. I enjoy helping students of all abilities achieve maximum success patiently building the student's confidence and guiding them to mastery of material using my wealth of teaching experience.

Underpinning my tutoring is my own academic excellence, a Master's and PhD in Mathematics, allowing me to emphasise connections between topics and explain difficult areas in a variety of ways. My clarity of expression has been developed through teaching non-native English speakers on university foundation courses.


It was a very productive session and all my questions were thoroughly clarified. He is very friendly and helpful.



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