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Timothy C.

£25 per hour


My name is Timothy and I am a business English trainer from the United Kingdom. I have been teaching business English for five years and I have developed a unique teaching method in the time that I have been teaching.

I have taught students from all over the world. I have taught lawyers, doctors, teachers, company directors and, even, the army.

The material is detailed and organized and has been created to improve your English.

Teaching Method

My teaching method is different depending on your level. I will outline the teaching method I will use below.


I will use a mixture of the communicative method and the direct method. I have picked this method as it improves pronunciation, language retention and builds your confidence in the language.

Stage 1: I will teach you the vocabulary. You will repeat phrases using the vocabulary so that you will retain the language that you have learned. The repetition will use different tenses and constructions.

Stage 2: You will ask and answer questions using the vocabulary. This is important as it will get you to think how to create your own constructions.

Stage 3: You will use the vocabulary in a fluency activity. This is the most important section as it will get you to actively use the language that you have learned.

I have developed this method to 'trick' your brain into thinking in English. My aim is to use repetition to drill in the language that you are learning.


I will use a method that has been called 'The Shotgun Method' of teaching. The aim is to keep you speaking as much as possible and to learn as much vocabulary as you can. Again, this is a method that I have created to 'trick' your brain into thinking in English and to make you more confident in speaking English.

Stage 1: I will teach you the vocabulary.

Stage 2: We will discuss the vocabulary in a question and answer format. This a larger section than it would be in the beginner section.

Stage 3: I will give you fluency activities. The fluency activities are longer and more detailed than they would be in the method that I would use in the beginner section.


I will still use 'The Shotgun Method', but I will change it slightly. Stage Two and Stage One are the same, but I will use more complex grammar and constructions. Stage Three is the most important part.

Stage Three: I will focus on fluency activities. I will give you three common business situations so that you can use your English in a relevant context. The first will be a formal situation where you will be giving a report, presentation, or another type of formal dialogue. The second will be a discussion between colleagues. The third will be an informal situation that could happen in the business world.

I have developed this method to help you to speak confidently with everybody at your job.

I look forward to working with you in the future :)

All the best,



I like reading and writing English novels and poetry. I have had a few poems and short-stories published.

I am also interested in international relations and sociological studies.

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