Toby G.

Toby G.

£24 per hour

University of Oxford, BA in History (2013-16). University of Cambridge, MSt in International Relations (2017-19, ongoing).

Hello, my name is Toby.

Throughout my education, I've had an incredible time studying subjects I love, and I want to help as many students as possible share this experience. I really enjoy teaching - I have extensive experience over several years teaching English as a foreign language, and also with tutoring online. I'm a fun and relaxed guy, who hopes above all else to make subjects as interesting and accessible as possible.

At GCSE I received 8 A stars and 2 As, and at A Level I received A star A A (in Classical Civilisation, History, and 3D Design respectively, as well as an AS in Physics). I then went on to Oxford, where I received a 'Demi' scholarship after achieving a 1st in my Preliminary exams, and went on to receive a high 2:1 in my Final exams (0.6 below the 1st boundary). I am currently studying my Master's at Cambridge.

Broadly speaking, I believe there are three simple steps to doing well in exams, entrance tests or academic interviews.

The first step is enthusiasm. I know I can foster this in my students. I hope for my lessons to be driven by curiosity, and to find something of interest for every student within them. Above all else, I want my time with my students to be fun!

The second step is technique. I will go through how to pick apart questions and write captivating answers that can satisfy examiners. Essay technique is an essential skill for so many subjects, however, it can be taught clearly and effectively (no matter what some might say).

The final step is strategy. In essence, exams are no more than elaborate games, each with its own rules and tricks. The key to doing well is understanding those rules, and structuring your time accordingly. I shall therefore do my best to help my students understand their exams inside-out, and come up with the best strategies for defeating them.

Using these three steps, I look forward to helping as many of my students as possible reach their full potential!

I teach History and Classical Civilisation at GCSE and A Level, English at GCSE, and also provide interview and exam guidance for Oxbridge candidates. I am additionally well versed in political and philosophical theory if a student wishes to discuss them, but I do not have the A Levels myself. I am generally happy to go over any work in the arts, humanities or social sciences.

My specialisms include The Scientific Revolution, The History of Medicine, Britain 1600-1800, World History 1914-2001, The History of Diplomacy, The Russian Revolution, The French Revolution, The Chinese Revolution, Theories of State (Hobbes, Rousseau, and Marx), The US Civil Rights Movement, World History 300-1000AD, Ancient Sculpture and Architecture, The History of Ideas, and Historical Methodology.

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