Tom H.

Tom H.

£25 per hour

I'm a Mathematics graduate of Cambridge University - I specialized mostly in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics but also maintain an interest in areas of Pure Maths, including Group Theory and Graph Theory. Before University, I attended Tonbridge School in Kent, completing A-levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, English Literature and French, as well as an AS-level in Additional Further Mathematics (I'm quite familiar with the A-level Maths modules!).

I've just completed a year in Fukuoka, Japan, as part of the Tsuzuki Scholarship Scheme run by Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. The aim of the scholarship is to build cultural ties between the UK and Japan, as well as to give participants a grounding in the Japanese language. For me, this has been a sort of 'passion project' as I've always had a keen interest in language learning, as well as in the unique history and culture of Japan. During my time in Japan, I also worked tutoring English as a foreign language to Japanese students (ranging from beginner to advanced, ages 7 to 65) and as such have several hundred hours teaching experience.

As for Maths, I have written and taught the Maths and Engineering course for Varsity Education, aimed at students applying to Oxbridge. I taught three courses, aimed at students with levels of knowledge ranging between GCSE and first year undergraduate. The structure of the courses was designed to mimic the way in which students are taught at Oxford and Cambridge University, i.e. content heavy classroom based lessons (in this case given to small groups) followed by one-to-one and one-to-two tutorials based around student's own needs and problem sheets set by me.

I have some experience tutoring students 1-1 privately in Mathematics at GCSE level (approx. 40 hours).

I have (approx.) 100 hours teaching Elementary Physics via English to students in Guangzhou, China, with the Cambridge Youth Summer Camp (CYSC) scheme. CYSC focused on teaching English to students through a themed course of lessons - mine was 'Space' - as such, I taught about the Solar System, Moon Landings and Alien life.

Personally, I am a keen long-distance runner and pianist - I've also recently developed an interest in Japanese Calligraphy. I find that maintaining a regular exercise program (particularly long-distance running, due to its time consuming nature!) is really good at helping me to maintain a good level of personal discipline, whilst music and calligraphy allow me to express my artistic side.

I teach Mathematics from Key Stage 3 (year 7) to University level (depending on the discipline and University) and Physics at Key stage 3 to GCSE level. For those interested in applying to Oxbridge, I am happy to help with STEP Mathematics and advice on admissions - I served as the Undergraduate representative on the Mathematics Admissions Committee in my final year at Cambridge and as such am familiar with the exact process that applicants will undergo.



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