Tom M.

Tom M.

£20 per hour

People say too often that university degrees are the hardest years of your life, but in my experience, this is simply not the case! I would have loved to have had a tutor during my formative GCSE and A-level years, to fill in those gaps that my teachers couldn't address, and to gain extra knowledge of a subject I was studying.

As a recently graduated student, who achieved a First-Class Honours degree in Music from Durham over the summer, I am looking to tutor people of all different abilities to help you gain a greater understanding of Music and its history, in order to support your study for GCSE and/or A-level exams.

In my degree programme, I mostly studied Music History, Theory and Analysis, key sections that are also shared in the GCSE and A-level programmes. Moreover, as a son of a secondary-school Music teacher, I have often supported my mum's GCSE and A-Level lessons, so am well-experienced with the current curriculum - it's challenges and areas to allow students to shine!

On a separate note, I am currently studying for a Master's degree at Durham Uni too, specialising in Music Theology and so can also offer teaching on basic Biblical Theology, Philosophy and Ethics which may support your GCSE and/or A-Level Religious Studies. And on the composing/performing side of music, I also have Grade 8 on Piano and Violin, so am able to help out people in a variety of different ways if needed.

I think the greatest skill of any tutor is to be a good listener. Learning and tutoring must be specialised to your needs and being able to listen to those needs are key! I hope I can offer a tailored, approachable and helpful tutoring experience to help you get the most of out these very important years.

All the best with your studies, Tom

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