Urania G.

Urania G.

£25 per hour

I am a Fine Art graduate of UWE Bristol UK where I graduated with first class honors and continued to pursue my Master Degree in the Arts.

Since my graduation in 2006 I have been a devoted and enthusiastic Fine Art tutor helping dozens of students come to terms with difficult or tricky briefs that seem to limit creativity. I have aided diploma and degree students with project development ideas within the area of art and design when all ideas seem to be lost.

I was also full time senior tutor and lecturer at the Cyprus Academy of Art for 8 years where I had the opportunity to coach foundation course and year one HND Fine Art students. My responsibilities included presenting art information to students by showing examples of selected art through lectures, presentations and individual tutorials providing in this way, tools and raw materials to produce their own work. An important sector is teaching the students how to use such tools and materials properly through research and experimentation encouraging them in this way to show creativity and individuality within their set briefs.

As a Fine Art graduate I have learnt the importance of constant research, analysis and evaluation, and this is something that I am able to transmit to the student, as it is crucial to the development of a focused and successful project. Even though my specialism is Fine Art I have also been able to tutor students working in other disciplines such as Graphic Design, Architecture, Printmaking, Photography, Animation and Fashion Design, as the idea generation and development is quite similar.

As a professional practitioner I have also taken part in various Group exhibitions in the UK, Greece, Panama and Cyprus. The main theme around my artwork has been absence-existence, the material and the immaterial being contradictory notions as well as binding concepts of unity. I believe that our need to have things visually confirmed is a strength and a weaknesses that can prove to be a very interesting never-ending dialogue of the human condition within the fluidity of these contemporary times that we live in. Teaching is a way to spread awareness and exchange ideas within the arts.

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