Viktoras J.

Viktoras J.

£33 per hour

I am a Structural Bridges Engineer and my background is in A-level Mathematics, Physics, English and Lithuanian. Having completed my A-levels, where I attained A* in all the subjects, I studied Engineering at the University of Sheffield and graduated with a 1st class Master's degree. Since university, I have been working as a Bridges Engineer in a major Engineering consultancy.

I am also a passionate and active STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassador. I have led a number a secondary school (GCSE/A level) STEM projects, where I led and guided groups of pupils to solve complex engineering problems inspired by real world examples. Therefore, I am confident in my abilities not only to communicate the science subjects to children, but also to inspire them.

I am also a native Russian and Lithuanian speaker. One of my university years was spent at the National University of Singapore. Whilst in Singapore, in my spare time, I had an opportunity to teach Russian to a local student and I greatly enjoyed that, therefore I would be happy to offer Russian and Lithuanian tutoring too.


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