Vincent B.

Vincent B.

£16 per hour

Personal Statement: Education Background below

Since the start of my GCSE's to the current day the importance and wide ranging applications of mathematics has always been recognized throughout each branch of my education. Whether the logical mindset developed by studying maths aids you as you progress to a scientific career; or the fundamental numerical skills help you uphold your chosen profession, maths is always present.

This is why I have taken to tutoring as a means of helping others fulfill their potential for maths while providing a useful part time job for myself. I practiced my ability for explaining mathematical concepts by assisting classmates and school students of younger years during my Edexcel Mathematics A-Level. This is also where I realized not only was tutoring an activity I enjoyed as much as the person I was helping, but I found myself good at it too.

For an easy-going, committed and resilient tutor for yourself or your child, please contact.

NOTE: As a university student my schedule can change weekly and I may be unavailable for certain periods due to field trips, exam seasons, etc. however I will do my best to make arrangements.

Education Background:

Degree: University College London MSci Geology Have yet to complete 1st year exams and thus have received no predicted grade.

A-Level Attainments: The Bromfords School Sixth Form College Biology B Chemistry A Mathematics A*

GCSE Attainments: The Bromfords School Mathematics A Chemistry A Biology A Physics A Geography A English Literature B English Language B
History B


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