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When we can accept tutors, this is what we offer

Our success depends on you. Tutorhub works in partnership with expert tutors in all subjects to answer questions and offer 1-2-1 private online tutoring on our site. If you are passionate about your subject, know your way around the National Curriculum, want to earn money, share your knowledge and gain excellent tutoring experience join up today.

You’re in control

Tutorhub offers you an easy way to tutor online. You set your own hourly tuition rate and choose when and how often you work. It's easy to register, get started and earn money, the first step is to join up.

You need to be UK based and have an up-to-date CRB, DBS, Disclosure Scotland or Access Northern Ireland check and a Paypal account to receive payment.

3 Steps to tutoring online with Tutorhub

  1. Easy to register

    • Sign up and complete your profile
    • Tell potential customers about yourself, your subject specialisms and don’t forget to add a photo
    • Decide on your hourly rate
  2. Easy to get started

    • Start by contributing to some questions on our Q&A hub, and get known amongst our students
    • Get contacted direct by students looking for support and browsing our tutor list
    • Arrange tutoring, agree a date and a time with the student, and off you go!
  3. Easy to get paid

    • You set your hourly rate and get paid per minute
    • On the first working day of the month we pay balances exceeding £10.00 - We pay your fee, minus 25%, into your nominated Paypal account (their fees apply)   - You are self employed and responsible for your own tax*
    • *2016/2017 you can earn £11,000 a year before you start paying tax

There are a few important points to mention:

  • You respect the partnership with Tutorhub; when you are approached by our customers, we expect you to use our services (online classroom, payment and customer services). If you try and circumvent this by taking customers offline, we will terminate your membership.
  • We only work with tutoring agencies by agreement. So no agency listings please without contacting us first.

Please take time to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (these were last updated on 15th April, 2020). If you are wondering how Tutorhub works please take a read through our How it works page.

Tutor Questions


Why does Tutorhub take 25% of the tutor fee?

We provide tutors with a stream of students actively looking for help, back office support including customer support, billing, website and IT.

We honestly think that we provide great value for money. We would love to reduce our commission rate, and as the business grows we may be able to do so.


Is it similar to tutoring on Skype?

It's better than Skype! In addition to video, the Tutorhub classroom also includes: lesson recordings, collaborative whiteboard and file sharing.

Remember that Skype is not designed for online tutoring - there are no payment facilities, whiteboard or recorded lessons. There are also risks for any tutor using it, particularly child protection.

Unlike Skype, Tutorhub customers benefit from our money-back guarantee and knowing that the website has been built with child safety at its heart. 

Tutors wishing to offer Skype to deliver lessons to our customers are asked not to sign up to this website. Tutors attempting to make private financial arrangements with our customers and / or take them onto other platforms such as Skype, will have their accounts terminated. 


Can I use Tutorhub for my own students?

Yes, subject to our 25% commission.


Do I need to provide you with a copy of my DBS or CRB check?

We will ask you to self-certify that you are DBS checked (also known as a CRB Check), and that this is no more than three years old. We also accept Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland checks. If you do not have a DBS check, you cannot be an online tutor on Tutorhub. Prior to your first lesson, you will be asked to provide evidence of your DBS check. If you mis-represent yourself, your account will be cancelled immediately.


How do I get a DBS check?

We recommend that you contact The Tutors Association. They have no commercial relationship with Tutorhub, and we also encourage you to shop around and seek other providers.

Remember you cannot list yourself as a tutor until you have your DBS certificate.


What happens if I am contacted by a student and cannot help?

You may find that you are contacted for help in an area outside your specialist knowledge. If this happens, please politely decline and point them back to Tutorhub, where other tutors will be able to help.


Can I suspend or close my tutor profile

Of course. It maybe that you are busy, on holiday or finished tutoring. In which case let us know, and we will take your profile off the website.

Failure to respond to requests for tutoring will lead to the suspension of your membership.


Any house rules?

This is a tutoring website. We do not provide students with the answers, we explain problems to them in a way they understand and help them learn.  If you break this rule, your account will be terminated immediately. Also, please be nice to students, other tutors and the team at Tutorhub.


What happens if there is a dispute?

There may be occasions when a lesson doesn't meet expectations. Neither Tutorhub nor the tutors want this to happen and we will be guided by our ‘Money Back Pledge’ to settle refund issues.

If Tutorhub issues a refund you will not be paid for the refunded lesson.

Still not sure? Please feel free to contact us at enquiries@tutorhub.com.

Tutorhub's full terms and conditions can be found here.

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