Adam S.

Adam S.

£10 per hour

I am currently in my first year at Newcastle University studying Biomedical Sciences. I did my A-Levels in biology, chemistry and psychology (with a little bit of French to AS level too).

I have decided to sign up to become a tutor because I understand how daunting those exams can be and sometimes it can be nice to have someone of a similar age to calmly explain complicated subjects. Whether they be the complex worlds of photosynthesis or redox reactions!

I like to teach (and learn!) through pictures, flowcharts and lots of pretty colours so any lessons you have with me will inevitable take advantage of the colour palette.

I guess you want to know what experience I have had as a tutor. Well the simple answer is not a lot. However, I do have a younger sister who I help, when she lets me, with her homework and revision for exams. I have also set up, and manage, a course on for learning the long list of vocabularly needed for music theory exams.

I hope that I will be able to talk to some of you shortly, and help you do super-duper-well in those exams. Not to mention inspire you in the world of biology and chemistry.

Adam :)



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