Andy S.

Andy S.

£35 per hour

I am 56 years old. I recently took early retirement from the Computer Industry.

I graduated from Warwick University in 1983 with a 1st in Maths and also gained an MSc in Maths from Warwick in 1984. I first worked as a Mathematician for Unilever but transferred to computing after 2 years. Throughout my career I have enjoyed tutoring and running courses. I have recently been helping at local schools and tutoring GCSE and A-Level Maths. I believe that to succeed in Maths you need some basic skills first and then practice and practice again. I also believe that like most things, maths is easier if it is fun.

I have been tutoring for a year now and have helped in excess of 20 students. I tutor GCSE and A-Level and have mixed online tutoring and face to face. I am pleased to say that all my students last year achieved what they needed (and a good number exceeded their goals).

I am looking to expand online tutoring as it affords me more flexibility with my personal time.


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