Ashlin G.

Ashlin G.

£25 per hour

I am a 19 year old Optometry student at City, University of London. Before university I studied at North London Collegiate School. The GCSE’s which I have and tutor in are: Chemistry (A) Biology (A) Physics (A) Mathematics (A) All of the above were awarded by Edexcel in 2016. Drama (A) The above was awarded by WJEC in 2016

Additionally, I have the following A Levels: Biology Chemistry The above was awarded by CIE in 2018 Mathematics Drama and Theatre The above was awarded by Edexcel in 2018

Personally, I am a very hardworking person who has experience with working with people younger than me as I have run an editorial team of people aged 11-18. I am also able to communicate ideas and concepts in many ways which allowed me to teach Biology, Chemistry and Math to children in Zambia. Previously I have also tutored GCSE level Math, Biology and Chemistry via a tutoring scheme with my previous school.

I aim for my session to be as engaging and dynamic as possible. I will have conversations at the end of each session to tailor the content of the next to what you'd like in order to ensure your sessions are effective. I endeavour to make the sessions fun and enjoyable to use different techniques to tailor your learning experience to you specifically.

Using tools such as past papers and the specifications of the specific exam board you're studying, I hope to teach you thoroughly and ensure that you are aware of all the topics you need.

I hope that you do consider me as a tutor, and please let me know if there is any other information you may need.


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