Cecily F.

Cecily F.

£18 per hour

I am a current student who has just finished the first year of an undergraduate BA in English at the University of Cambridge, currently working at the level of a high 2:1/1st.

I have some previous tutoring experience, but don't have an ingrained way of working - I'm enthusiastic about developing my teaching style, and aim to flexibly respond to individual students' needs, figuring out ways of teaching and learning that work for them, because everyone thinks and learns in different ways. I tend to think creatively, and am always open to finding new ways of learning, whether it's coming up with action-systems or ways of learning through play for primary school children, or responsive, conversation-based systems for older pupils.

I'm a high-achieving student - despite having been to comprehensive state schools and receiving no formal outside tutoring myself, I gained nine GCSEs at A-star grades (including maths, English language and triple science), as well as one GCSE at A and one at B grade. Following on from this, I achieved A-starAAA at A level in English, history, French and classical civilisations and have gone on from this to achieve grades near the top of my cohort at Cambridge.

I have experience in tutoring and working with children and young people, as I took a year out between school and university which I spent working as an au pair to a family in Paris with three children aged between 6 and 11. I helped the kids with their homework, revising for exams and memorising content for tests - according to the oldest child, who I tutored through a successful 11+ examination, I am 'a really good teacher' and 'much more fun' than she was used to.

I also do a lot of children's work and teaching on a voluntary basis, including mentoring secondary school pupils through the sixth form application process, tutoring with student-led charity Schoolsconnect, and acting as a kids' work group leader at the New Wine United conference 2018.

As an English student, I am obviously most qualified to tutor students in English from a literary standpoint, as well as teaching English at pre-GCSE levels, comprehension for SATs or 11+, and developing pupils' creative writing skills (I am a student journalist, poet and occasional short-story writer/essayist).

I feel particularly confident in providing A level help, particularly with the WJEC Eduqas exam board, as I only took these exams two years ago, and dropped less than ten marks in both the unseen and drama papers. I can help especially with coursework, as I achieved full marks for that part of the A level, and can help with finding resources and research skills as well as helping pupils to develop both the style and the substance required for this kind of extended essay. I am confident here because the rubric for these exams hasn't changed since I took them, and I am familiar with the assessment objectives and how to write in the way examiners are looking for.

As a student who has chosen to specialise in medieval literature, I am particularly well-placed to help students studying Middle English texts, for example those studying Chaucer's Canterbury Tales at A-Level.

I am also highly familiar with the critical base around Shakespeare (Hamlet, especially), The Duchess of Malfi, A Streetcar Named Desire, Atonement (by Ian McEwan), The Great Gatsby, and the peotry of Christina Rossetti, Philip Larkin, and Carol Ann Duffy. My degree involves a high level of adapting to unknown or unfamiliar texts quickly, so I am by no means limited to these texts! They just happen to be ones I know especially well.

I am further able to provide advice, tutoring and help with the Oxbridge applications process in English, including help with the ELAT preliminary examination, in which I achieved a top-band mark. As someone who went through this process so recently, and have now had the chance to see backstage and hear what interviews are like from the perspective of some of the academics who interviewed me, I am well-placed to give help in a way that won't be outdated, or scary, but very much a peer-to-peer encouraging and supportive way. I know what it feels like to be an applicant - it's all still fresh in my mind - as is the process of gaining my place at Cambridge.

I am fluent in French, and able to teach the rudiments and practice communication skills and oral techniques with pupils in a conversational setting, as well as helping with grammar and writing accuracy.

I can also help with EPQs and other kinds of extended projects or essays, and help developing critical writing and essay skills, sharing the skills which I am being taught now at undergraduate level, and adapting and modifying them to help the academic styles of my pupils.

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