Christina L.

Christina L.

£15 per hour

Hi there!

My name's Christina, and I'm a current student at the University of Sussex, studying Mathematics. I'm 20 years old, and looking for some experience tutoring, as I want to teach when I've graduated.

For my GCSE's I got 4 A's in IT, Mathematics, RE and English Language. I also received 4 A's in IT, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, and Psychology. For my A Levels I studied General Studies (AS), Maths (A2), Chemistry (A2) and Further Maths (A2). Unfortunately, I was incredibly ill during this period, and was unable to sit all of the exams, meaning I only scored A,B,C,D in each subject respectively. Since leaving school I've started studying Mathematics at the University of Sussex. I'm currently taking a foundation year to make up for my poor A Level grades, and my current average grade is 91%, which would be similar to an A at A Level in Maths and Further Maths.

I have a large amount of teaching experience, mainly focusing on Mathematics at different levels, as I wish to become a Mathematics teacher. As well as having done Work Experience as a classroom assistant during my time in sixth form, I have also helped tutor pupils for both their GCSE and AS Mathematics exams. Whilst tutoring for GCSE, I helped some students improve from a low grade D to a high grade C. I also have experience in working with much younger children, and am currently volunteering at a primary school to help boost the best Year 5 and 6 Mathematics students, and help them get level 6 in their SATs.

I believe that my personal qualities make me a good teacher. I'm a very good listener, and always analyse the question being asked by the pupil before responding, so that I can give them the best possible answer and not confuse them even more. I think that because I'm fairly young, I'm much easier for the pupils to relate to, as I personally remember studying for my GCSE and A Levels like it was yesterday. I have a goo understand of the way the courses work in schools, and I try to keep up to date with the latest educational techniques and changes. I enjoy teaching, and this comes across when I'm tutoring, as it's clearly not a chore for me, and I love seeing the moment when a pupil understands something new. I'm very friendly, and have a positive outlook on everything, as well as loving a challenge, it means I truly believe that any student can achieve highly with the right help and effort. I have also been told many times that I'm a natural teacher!


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