Megan C.

Megan C.

£20 per hour

Throughout my education, I have come to realise all the flaws of conventional teaching methods. Let's face it, teacher's these days don't 'teach', they dictate. You'd have better luck trying to teach yourself than listening to the derivative of a text book. It's because of the poor teaching standards that I was brought up with, that I learned to teach myself. Thanks to my initiative, I came out with 6 A*'s (English Langauge, English Literature, Applied Sceinces, History, Food Technology and French) and 3 A's (Maths, Core Science and Geography) in my GCSE's. I have an uncanny ability at relaying information in the most vivid and simplest of ways, simultaneously abiding to the criteria of examination board mark schemes. The key to getting good grades is knowing EXACTLY what the examiner wants, and I can do this for you. With regards to teaching experience, I have worked at several high schools, and have done extra teaching with AS Students at A-Level. I teach all of the aforementioned GCSE subjects, as well as AS Level Biology, Chemistry and English Literature. As a person I am very lively, zealous and a little too enthusiastic. My technique in teaching is very simple, step-by-step and full of innovative concepts.



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