I am in my final year of sixth form, undertaking the IB Diploma. I will be available to tutor after my exams are over, from the end of May 2019. I really enjoy tutoring and have done so in the past. I am willing to put all my energy into helping others achieve their utmost best because having recently only done my GCSE’s and now doing the IB, I know how difficult and stressful it can be. I am able to adapt in several different ways in order to help my student in a way which suits them.

I have previously offered tuition to other students who have achieved great success. I have helped both Eleven-Plus students who have gotten admissions into grammar schools and have also helped GCSE students flourish in their grades. I have supported students in achieving 8’s and 9’s in Maths and English. I have also previously been a classroom assistant at Kumon, an international tutoring company, where I have supported several students at the same time, but in different ways, in order to help them flourish.

I have recently sat my GCSE’s in 2017 and have achieved 4 A*’s (including a 9 in English Literature and a 9 in Mathematics), 8 A’s and 1B. I still have all my notes from GCSE which will allow me to provide a lot of extra support to my students by providing them with exemplar work and by providing them with extra tips for their exams.


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