Driva Louise L.

Driva Louise L.

£25 per hour

I am a fully qualified (QTS) Early Years and KS1 teacher with a great passion for bringing the best out of every student. With six years experience working in high achieving schools all over the world, I have had the opportunity to support hundreds of students from different backgrounds and levels. My approach is holistic in that I strongly believe in building up the students self esteem and confidence will help them access learning better.

My method and style of teaching is effective for highly sensitive children, children with low self-esteem and/or confidence or children who just need some extra time to think and digest learning. I am also good at making school fun again for students who need support in certain areas.

To get a full picture of the student I will be working with, I invite the parent or carer to a conversation during which we discuss their expectaions and I answer any questions. After that, I talk to the student and assess their level with a few activities. This will help me tailor the subsequent sessions and my approach to the student’s needs. As the parents and carer are the closest ones to the student, my belief is that we are a team that are working together to give the student the best possible support.


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