Johnathan S.

Johnathan S.

£25 per hour

I am a recently qualified Medical Doctor (Graduation July 2013) from the University of Liverpool currently working full time for the University of Liverpool as a:

  • PBL Facilitator for Years 2 and 3

  • Clinical Skills Teacher for Years 1-4

  • Clinical Examiner of Medical Students from Years 1-4.

Im currently in a position that I work 09.00 - 17.30 weekdays which leaves my evenings and weekends free. On the suggestion of a colleague, Ive decided to start taking on a few students/pupils with the time afforded to me by my current role, not only to stay productive, but because I find teaching a rewarding experience and have a great respect for the value of education.

Availability: Weekday Evenings 18.00-22.00 Weekends (Sat/Sun) 09.00-12.00, 13.00-19.00

Experience: 3 years experience in tutoring the three Sciences (inc. dual award). 3 years of English teaching from Key Stage 1 level through to A-Level. I specialise in Entrance Examination Entry for certain sought after Independent Schools, both for those who can meet the fees and also for those seeking bursaries. I have extensive experience in both Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics at this level for this purpose. I have an impressive rate of passing 11 year old pupils into these schools on bursaries over a 3 year period. I myself personally attended Bolton School Boy`s Division on what was then known as the Assisted Places Scheme.



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