Gemma N.

Gemma N.

£25 per hour

Hello! I am currently studying my MA in Culture studies and Literature and I am hoping to progress to my PHD soon. I have worked as a teaching assistant for several years, but am now looking for something more flexible. I hope I can be of help in some way. (below is a boring list of qualifications, I do also have an up to date DBS) I am most confident in the subjects of- Literature, Language, Film and Media.

BA Hon’s Degree in film and English. – 2:1 MA Literature and Cultural Studies – Pending (2017) G.C.S.E –English Literature B G.C.S.E –English Language C G.C.S.E – Law C G.C.S.E –Science C/C G.C.S.E – Computer Science - B G.C.S.E – Media C G.C.S.E- Math C G.C.S.E – Biology C A level- Film studies –B A level Creative writing- C Access course History – Merit Access course Health Studies – Merit Access course Sociology – Distinction Access course English –Distinction Access course psychology – Pass) TEFL course- Pass (PTTLS Equivalent)

Volunteer work

Student rep – Solent university 2011, allowed me to become a voice to my peers and gain an insight in to the academic workings of a university. As a student representative I became a voice for my class, a middle person and go between, improving my communication and people skills and opening my mind to new ways of thinking. Creating student workshops to talk through and work on any academic issues.

Student Council- as a member of the student council I had a chance to sit in on academic meetings and discuss the effects of new policies on the students. I was able to voice the students opinions of changes and make a change when needed. This gave me confidence to speak openly to a variety of different people.

Student Magazine, Writer- As a student Writer I had the opportunity to review a multitude of different events, allowing me a chance to see plays and films I would never had before had the chance to and to read books I before would never have heard of. I had the chance to meet people from different industries who’s passion had created such events and talk with them to understand the drive behind their artistic choices.


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