Hannie P.

Hannie P.

£20 per hour

Hello! My name is Hannie and I am studying for my MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of Sussex, after finishing my BA in English with Creative Writing from the University of Nottingham. Literature is my passion- I love to read poetry and fiction, analyse it and even write it myself.

During my time at university I have been able to support other students as a peer mentor and also running workshops at an art gallery, and these experiences have helped me become a better tutor.

I love how large the world of literature really is. You can write poems alone in your room, or go to the theatre and watch a play with hundreds of other people and everything in between- and all of this is experiencing literature. My studies of literature have shown me how fascinating it is to experience how different people create, analyse and react to different examples and types of literature.

Looking back on my studies of English at GCSE and A Level, I understand how complicated and confusing it can feel, to try and get your head around all the things your examiner and teachers want and expect from you, whilst trying to finish (and understand!) all of the books, plays and poems you have to read. But, English can be so rewarding if you have the skills to understand and enjoy what you are studying. I really hope to give you the tools to read effectively, understand what you are reading, and to come to a place where you are happy and confident enough to analyse texts on your own.

I look forward to working with you!

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