Helena C.

Helena C.

£25 per hour

Hello, I'm Helena. If you're seeking a passionate, experienced Philosophy or languages tutor, then look no further!

I've been teaching and tutoring for 6 years (ages 4 – 40), and I specialise in exam preparation for children and young adults.

In your first session, we'll establish your precise needs and goals with an informal assessment. Rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, all lessons will be tailor-made to ensure you reach your potential.

EDUCATION: I hold a qualification in foreign language teaching, I completed an MPhil in Philosophy in 2016 and I gained a First Class BA in European Studies in 2013 (specialising in Spanish and Philosophy).

PROFESSION: Currently, I'm a Teaching Assistant in Philosophy at UCL and an English teacher at a Saturday school for primary school children.

PHILOSOPHY / ETHICS STUDENTS: I'll help you use the tools you already have (such as reflection and reasoning) to approach a variety of subject matters, and to construct good philosophical arguments and write strong essays. We'll also be reading, analysing and evaluating arguments of others (focusing on the philosophers on your course syllabus, where applicable).

SPANISH OR EFL STUDENTS: We'll use a mixture of audio-visual and written materials,. The lessons will be designed around your strengths and weakness in the four skills (listening, writing, speaking, and reading).

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