Kayleigh R.

Kayleigh R.

£20 per hour

I am a reflective, motivational, passionate and confident Primary School Teacher in the third year of my career, currently gaining as much experience as possible across all year groups working as a supply teacher. Bringing learning to life by making learning enjoyable and fun is something I feel strongly about, as I have witnessed first-hand how much this can change the outcome of a lesson. One of the many reasons I love teaching is being able to celebrate the successes of each individual child, which I feel it is important to make time for during each lesson. This is a strategy I have been able to build into my teaching through positive verbal feedback, allowing children to build upon their growth mind-set. Alongside teaching, I am currently in the Army Reserves which has allowed me to gain many further skills which I feel are an asset to my teaching. Some of these include; working well under pressure to meet deadlines, the ability to give and follow directions, being flexible and able to adapt to new situations with ease and being organised, evaluative and systematic when planning.

My experience within Primary School has made me confident tutoring across ages 5-11 in all subjects, including phonics and 11+ support.


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