I have been involved in training throughout my career as a pharmacist. My interest in computers and software started as a student, learning to program BASIC and machine code on a ZX81 while taking my bachelor of pharmacy degree.

Since then I have continued a relationship with computers, writing software for my Motor Spares business and software to support non pharmacist dispensing in emergency situations. I enjoy learning skills with excel, and recently have developed skills with databases, and the scripting language python.

While a pharmacist by profession, I have also undertaken a large number of OU and MOOC courses, in a range of subjects, whenever I have time. In addition to my own learning, I have enjoyed the rewards of supporting other learners on these courses.

This experience led me to apply to be a tutor with the OU for a Healthcare Leadership course. I was approved as appointable following an application and interview process, in 2014, but lack of student numbers in my area meant I was not utilised as a tutor.

I constantly use MS Office products, especially Excel, Word and Powerpoint, but also extensively use OneNote and more occasionally use Publisher and Access. In and out of work, I use a wide variety of other software on Windows, and Linux, and am familiar with the foibles and tricks with them. As proof I enjoy computing challenges, I have entered the Google Code Jam for each of the last 5 years, getting through the qualification round in 4 of those five attempts.

I get positive feedback from colleagues and those I have supported online. I understand different learning approaches can help, and that there is a variety of learning issues that can arise. I recognise that different people will have different needs, and ideas that will work for them, and also understand that I won’t have all the answers. I believe I have compassion and patience to support learners of all abilities.

My desire to support achievement of learners led me to become a governor for the local High School, and provided exposure to the state education system and challenges of teaching those under 18.

I would very much like the opportunity to support the training of people wanting to take forward their own knowledge and abilities in maths, physics, science, and use of IT.


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