Lewis C.

Lewis C.

£20 per hour

I am currently studying Natural Sciences at Durham University specialising in maths and physics. I have been tutoring online for over 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed helping each individual tutee over this online platform. I also tutored in person during my second year of sixth form and this prompted me to consider online tutoring while at university.

Through my previous experience of tutoring and my general interest in the subject I believe I have developed skills in recognising where a tutee’s understanding is struggling and providing relevant assistance to facilitate their own learning. Thank you very much for considering me and I look forward to hearing from you.

In preparation for a tutorial I aim to set out goals to complete during the tutorial. Whether this is reviewing a completed piece of work; in depth study into a specific topic area; or doing a general overview of the course through use of past papers, having a key goal allows the tutorial to stay focussed and productive and allows me to prepare the relevant material.

Each tutorial is then different depending on the task at hand but in general I will begin by testing the tutee’s understanding and probing with tailored questions to find where the tutee is strong and where they need more help. We will then review the material they struggled with explaining any difficulties and clarifying any misunderstandings. Finally, the process is concluded by testing the tutee’s new understanding of the topic we just covered. If the tutee signs up for multiple sessions then each session can begin by a short review of the last tutorial to ensure the topic is firm in the tutee’s mind.

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