Louie P.

Louie P.

£25 per hour

I studied Engineering Mathematics to Master's level at University of Bristol. This involved a lot of mathematical and data modelling, largely using machine learning techniques. After I graduated, I tutored Mathematics for 6 months in a one-on-one setting. I had 4 students, with whom I would meet for 2 hours each per week. One of the students was autistic, and teaching him was an incredibly rewarding experience. It made me a far more patient and understanding teacher. I also became more aware of the fact that different people have different learning styles, and was able to adapt to those needs.

As a teacher, I think my main strength is quick thinking. If there is a concept that a student is struggling to grasp, I can quickly frame differently, or in a new context, to make the problem more manageable. If a student more practice on a given topic, I am also good at rapidly generating new examples for us to work through together. My style tends to involve a lot of practice questions. While I do think discussion is important to ensure the student understands the subject in a broader sense, practice is what really ingrains the information. I am able to teach to any level pre-University, from age 4-18.


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