Marthe D.

Marthe D.

£40 per hour

I have a first class BA in Education with English Literature from the University of Cambridge. This means that I have both the subject knowledge when it comes to English, as well as an understanding of how people learn and what makes the best teachers.

I have been tutoring for 8 years, and love engaging with so many different students over subjects that I love. Whether it's helping an A-Level student crack 1984, or teaching a GCSE student how to use the conditional tense in Spanish, I absolutely love sharing my enthusiasm for these subjects.

The most important aspect of any good teacher or tutor, is flexibility. This is why 1-1 tuition can be so beneficial. By working with students on an individual basis, getting to know their learning styles and interests, makes the job so rewarding and useful for clients. I am never afraid of changing my style or my content, if it isn't working for the student. I have found this approach to be the most useful and helpful for all my tutees.

I am familiar with TEFL, IELTS, all GCSE and A Level syllabi, Cambridge Pre-U, IB, Common Entrance 13+, Scholarships (11+ & 13+), 11+ and 7+ Entrance Exams, and general literacy and fluency work. I have tutored students across 6 different countries, and have supported their acceptance into some of the top schools and universities in the UK, USA, and Australia.

I also have a background in professional level theatre and sport, having worked internationally as a theatre director and producer - and competed for Team GB in flat-water kayaking, triathlon, and quadrathlon (including winning the World Championships in the latter).

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