Mehak T.

Mehak T.

£20 per hour

I am a Criminology and Psychology graduate with a 2:1 degree. I have an A in GCSE English Literature, a B in GCSE English Language and a C in A Level English Literature. I would like to become a teacher at some point in the future, which is one of my reasons for tutoring.

I have always had a passion for English and really enjoy reading and writing, especially creative writing. In terms of my teaching style, I like to find out what each student is struggling with and tailor their tuition to their needs. It makes no sense to reteach them things they already know. I also ensure that I give the student the confidence they need to do well. I feel that helping others achieve is the best thing anyone can do. I want to help people do well and do great things. I want to promote positivity because negativity does not help anyone.

My motto is "Keep positive and be confident. This is how you will succeed". Confidence is just as important as positivity, because you need to feel like you are capable of doing well. I constantly offer encouragement for all of my students. Even when they are really struggling. You are doing this for yourself, not me, not your parents, not your teachers.

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