Wendy F.

Wendy F.

£15 per hour

Hello, my name is Wendy. I have always been passionate about Biology and my native language English. I hold a PhD in Biology which focused on the interaction between genetics and the environment on behaviour and life history strategies in territorial animals. I have studied, lived and worked throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Spain. I have held prestigious positions in my work life; analysing biological and demographic data for the UK and Spanish government, appointed and an Honorary Research Fellow in Scotland in collaboration with Spain, University lecturing in Biology at degree and masters level. I have also completed a teaching certificate and am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

My time as a university lecturer has afforded me the experience of teaching students from a range of educational backgrounds and life experiences. I have taught students of vastly varying ages, from 17 to 60. Many of my students have been international from a diverse range of cultures, and I have had the experience of accommodating for each students individual needs. I have had extensive experience of managing members of staff and students, and well as leading teams in the field and laboratory. I have been a module organiser and delivered lectures in several biology topics; biotechnology and genetic engineering, DNA and protein synthesis, Genetics and Inheritance, Breeding strategies, Research methods, Quantitative and Qualitative Statistics and Analyses, Laboratory skills and data interpretation. I have taught large classes of 70+ students in lecturer theatres, as well as small tutorial groups and one to one sessions.

During my time in Spain I was a private English tutor for a school-aged pupil and a university student who was preparing to give presentations in conferences. I love the English language and all it's intricacies and so I am always keen and determined to help people understand my native language. I focus on grammar, tenses, pronunciation, and spelling.

I have devised many exam papers and coursework briefs, and created making schemes in both instances. I have been involved in high throughput exam and coursework marking, and well as a supervisor for student research projects and my students have achieved distinctions. I am a Validator for Cambridge Access Validation Assessment, and my role is to ensure exam and coursework marking is fair and accurate. I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and am passionate about teaching and developing my own knowledge and skills in the education sector.

I am highly driven and like to instil passion for Biology and English in my students. I have a very approachable manner allowing students to feel comfortable and not embarrassed to express any difficulties in their existing knowledge. I think developing a good professional student-tutor relationship is important, and that the student is always engaged in tutorials. To gauge my tutoring performance, I test students along the way to assess their learning, and make mental notes of which areas need more work.

My approach to learning is to focus on strengths before dealing with difficulties; this is to help students grow confidence and faith in their abilities prior to embarking on more challenging topics. A lot of praise goes a long way! I find creating puzzles of varying difficulty help students to cement knowledge. I give small homework tasks and often use analogies in my tutorials, telling stories to help put difficult concepts into everyday situations. Parents and guardians are welcome to propose topics which they are keen for their children to focus on, be it exam questions, essay completion, or expansion of knowledge.


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