Rachel D.

Rachel D.

£30 per hour

I am a physicist with a very varied career background so far, with a great enthusiasm for my subject that im really keen to pass on to others. Beginning with a MPhys (Hons) Applied Physics degree from Hull University, I worked for several years in the UK nuclear industry before applying for a PhD at the University of York. Before starting at York, I worked as an outdoors instructor in S. Wales, and as an Ice Climbing instructor in Scotland. I completed my PhD in Laser Physics / Fusion energy in 2014 when I took on a role as a researcher at the Uni. of Strathclyde.

I have worked as a tutor both paid and volutarily since 2008, and have embarked on many volunteering projects engaging with schools, the public, local government and media (including live on BBC radio!) on aspects of STEM careers from lecturing the subject itself to general careers advice. I have excellent communication skills, and due to my varied background have a unique perspective to contextualise material in the current syllabus. I was educated in the English school system but am currently teaching in the Scottish structure and gaining familiarity with this.

I am able to teach physics up to undergraduate level, and closely related subjects such as chemistry, maths and engineering up to GCSE/AS Level, or (Advanced) Higher in Scotland. I have a very personable approach to tutoring, and thoroughly believe that good planning, realistic goal setting and contextualising the subject are key parts of successful learning. Every single student is different and no two sessions are identical and I always aim to personalise the material as much as possible.


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