Sean G.

Sean G.

£15 per hour

Hi I'm a visual communication graduate from the arts university Bournemouth who specialises in design and communication. I have strong knowledge of the creative suite. I can give easy to understand lessons anything from basic to more advanced learning in design. I have taught friends in different subjects the essentials of the creative suite and they learnt very quickly as a result. I can offer easy to understand and uncomplicated explanations on how to achieve results and use the tools, as well as how to communicate effectively. Any sort of design tutoring I can help you just get in touch :)

I also have a good knowledge of how to dj and mix between tracks with ease. I have taught two friends how to dj from my instruction and tutoring and they excelled very quickly and are now confident in making quick progress and experimentation. They both advised that I was very easy to understand and follow and as a result they are now great at it!

Get in touch for tutoring for either of these fields! :)


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