Hello! I hold a PhD in Health Psychology from the University of Bath. I am originally from Cornwall, where I gained my GCSE's, 3 A-Levels in Double Health and Social Care and Psychology (Grades: AAA) and an AS Level in English Literature and Language (Grade: A).

I completed my Undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Bath between the years of 2009 and 2013 (2:1) and my Master's in Health Psychology from 2013-2014 (Grade: Distinction). I completed my PhD which focussed on stress, coping and resilience from a Health Psychology perspective.

I have taught guest psychology lessons and lectures in sixth form colleges and in other youth groups. I have taught undergraduate psychology students and have experience of marking assignments in line with specific marking criteria.

I consider myself a patient individual with a huge level of curiosity and eagerness to learn. This spreads into my eagerness to teach others and educate them about the wonders that are Psychology and Health and Social Care.

I enjoy delivering educational content in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and empowering. I believe we all have the capacity to learn, and to love learning, when we are met by someone who can provide information, feed curiosity and develop independent and critical thinking in a gentle, thought provoking and suitably paced way.

I love learning and I LOVE helping others to love learning too!

I teach GCSE students, AS/A Level students, Undergraduate and Masters students. I am particularly skilled in working with those with disabilities such as anxiety. I can also tutor on general study skills, revision techniques, time management and confidence.

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