Tanya B.

Tanya B.

£20 per hour

Hi, I'm Tanya. I have a 2:1 in MA Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a 120-hour internationally accredited TEFL qualification from teaching English in Thailand.

I have covered a wide range of key psychological areas during my four years at the University of Edinburgh, including Methodology, Critical Analysis, Social Psychology, Biological Psychology, Developmental and Differential Psychology.

I've produced a number of reports, both independently and part of a team, with all of my course work earning 2:1 or 1st class results. Projects have included "Can We Increase Happiness?" "Belief in the Supernatural: personality trait or independent construct?" and "National Identity in Young Adults Following the Scottish Independence Referendum: A Discursive Approach".

During my time at university I was also able to study other social sciences such as Criminology and Social Anthropology, which has deepened my understanding of the subject of Psychology.

In my final year I was a PsychPALS (Peer Assisted Learning Scheme) peer mentor, helping students settle into university life and understand core concepts of Psychology. As a peer mentor I planned and presented workshops on essay writing skills, research and revision tips, tutorial and lecture advice and settling into university life. I also facilitated group exercises and proof-read essay plans for students’ coursework.

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