Tasnim T.

Tasnim T.

£25 per hour

I am a qualified and science teacher specialising in human and medical biology. I have graduated with 2:1 in Human Biosciences then going to complete my PGCE and gain QTS status. I have extensive experience in the classroom, small groups and 1:1 tutoring across KS3 to A level. Although I am a biology specialist, I have strong subject knowledge in physics and chemistry since I have A Levels in all three sciences and undertaken further subject knowledge enhancement courses.

I am very patient, friendly and approachable which would make pupils be at ease. I am very good at explaining things clearly. I am very passionate about science and able to transfer my enthusiasm to learners. My teaching style is dynamic catering to individual needs. I have access to vast resources which will support pupils beyond their allocated sessions. I am flexible and ensure pupil`s needs are put first.

Tutoring Practice Details:

Helped struggling students improve GCSE and A level Biology test grades from D to B/A. I have also tutored under 11s in english and maths.

Identified the needs of my pupils and if necessary, adjusted the delivery style to meet their needs.

Developed custom lessons, worksheets, and assessments including tracking systems to monitor pupil progress.

Have integrated technologies such as Google Classroom, Google Drive and Moodle to support my pupils within setting and at home.

Helped pupils to better understand the curriculum and develop exam techniques through modelling. I am familiar with the new OCR, AQA and EDEXEL curriculum.

Frequently communicate with parents on their child’s progress and how they can help at home. I have received 100% satisfaction from parents.


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