Hi me Yasir Manzoor. Experience: 1. I have taught following course and conducted respective labs to undergraduate students, Linear Control Systems, Electrical machines, Electronic devices and circuits, Liner Circuit Analysis, Digital Logic Design and Digital System Design 2. I am running my own academy upto grade XII.. I am teaching following courses upto XII level Maths, Physics and Computer. I have taught Maths and physics to IGCSE students as well.

Strengths: 1. I can teach programming in well planned manner .Can provide complete training regarding MATLAB ..that includes basic programming, plotting, advance programming, calculus using Mtalb, simulink modeling and graphical user interface designing and system designing.

  1. I can also provide help in preparation of thesis, assignments and projects. I have done two master level thesis.

  2. I can provide online tutoring for above mentioned subjects to prepare for the exam in short time duration.

Methodology: My goal in teaching to create ability of self thinking, problem solving and power of analysis. Teaching based on solution of real world problems and hands on practice. My quzziz nd assignments are usually related to real world problems so that student can understand easily....


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