Zoe I.

Zoe I.

£20 per hour

I am currently at the University of Sheffield studying Accounting and Financial Management. In my spare time I am learning Arabic and Korean through university run courses. I speak French fluently and I am able to speak conversational German.

I have the following A Levels: Government and Politics (AQA) - A - Unit 1 - 93% - Unit 2 - 98% - Unit 3B - 91% - Unit 4A - 72% Psychology (OCR) - A Computing (AQA - C#) - C - I received an A in the theory paper and 78% in the coursework.

I have done private tutoring for GCSE Computing (Theory and/or C# programming, I do not teach programming in Java, Python, or VB), English Literature and Language, Psychology, and Government and Politics (this is my strongest subject). I am also happy to teach at A Level in these subjects. If your native language is French or German (or you are fluent in either) I may consider ESL teaching. I have worked in a primary school as a TA and as a receptionist so I am DBS checked!

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